Right Step Program

Starting a new exercise routine can sometimes seem like a daunting task. However, with all the benefits that exercise has to offer, it’s never too late to get active. If you’re just starting out, it is always best to start slowly and build toward your goal. Trying to do too much too soon can often result in injury.

Walking is a simple yet effective way to increase your activity level and help get you in shape. In order to help you get started, Pinnacle offers the Right Step Program. This program is designed to help you get on track to achieving your fitness goals.

The Pinnacle Right Step Program offers:

  • One on one assessment with a Registered Physiotherapist to assess and address any concerns you have;
  • A customized stretching and strengthening program geared to your individual needs;
  •  24/7 online access to your customized Right Step Program including 3D animations showing how to correctly perform each prescribed exercise;
  • A pedometor to get you started and help track your progress.


Let us help you get off on the right foot to starting your exercise program. Pinnacle’s Right Step Program will give you the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals.

For more information or to book an appointment please call us at 905.842.8100.