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Knee Injuries

Knee injuries typically occur as a result of trauma such as a sudden injury or fall, or from sudden increases or changes in daily activity. They can occur over time with normal wear and tear, or even something as simple as changing your footwear can place stress on the muscles and tendons around the knee joint, resulting in injury.

Your physiotherapist at Pinnacle can assess your knee to determine the cause of injury and develop a treatment program to suit your needs.

Common types of knee injury include:

  • Tendon Strains – Tendons are bands that connect the muscle to the bone. They can be strained by trauma or overuse. Overuse is often seen with running or jumping sports.
  •  Ligament Sprains – Ligaments are bands of tissue that act to stabilize the knee joint. Overstretching can cause the ligament to tear, causing pain, swelling and the feeling of “giving way”. Severe tears to the ligament may require surgery.
  • Cartilage Tears – Cartilage also helps to support and protect the knee joint. Pressure from twisting and turning while bearing weight on the knee may cause the cartilage to tear. This would result in pain, swelling and often locking of the knee joint.
  • Patello-Femoral Syndrome – This condition is caused by excess pressure and friction between the kneecap (patella) and the thigh (femur). This is typically caused by muscle imbalances around the knee joint. This condition is very common in adolescents and is very treatable.