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Back Pain

Back Pain

The low back is made up of a series of vertebrae that form a bony canal around the spinal cord. Between each vertebrae are nerves that exit to supply the muscles. There are also discs between each vertebrae that act as shock absorbers. Ligaments join these vertebrae and discs together. In addition, there are several layers of muscle that act to stabilize and control movement of the spine. When you injure your back, you may injure one or more of these structures.

Low back pain could be a result of muscle strain, ligament sprain, or damage to a disc or nerve. Back pain could also be due to restriction of the normal motion of the joints resulting from injury or arthritis. The good news is all of these conditions are treatable! At Pinnacle Physiotherapy we will be able to examine you to determine the cause of pain and design a treatment program geared to your individual needs.