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Mar 24

What’s Really Causing Your Headache?

Everyone suffers from headaches at one time or another. Usually these are minor stress or tension related headaches, or in some people may be more severe migraines.  However, there are other causes of headaches that many people are unaware of, and as a result often go undiagnosed.

Cervicogenic headaches, or neck headaches, are caused by problems in the cervical spine (neck). They may be the result of a trauma, such as whiplash, or from poor posture.  People who spend a lot of their time hunched over their desk, whether it’s for reading, writing or computer use, are at a higher risk of developing cervicogenic headaches.  Over time, the excess stress and strain placed on the muscles, ligaments and joints of the neck can cause muscles to spasm or increase in tone, resulting in a headache.

The pain from a cervicogenic headache is typically felt in the forehead or behind the eyes.  Because they seem to be just like a “regular” headache, cervicogenic headaches are often overlooked and left untreated.

With a quick assessment, your physiotherapist will be able to determine whether your headaches are a result of problems in the joints and muscles in your neck.  Treatment for cervicogenic headaches may involve hands on techniques to improve joint movement as well as massage and stretching techniques to release tension.

Don’t allow yourself to suffer any longer. There is help for headaches.