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Mar 25

Physiotherapy: Helping You Take Control of Your Health

When you find yourself faced with an injury or mobility issue you want to understand what’s wrong and what can be done to help. No one wants to feel helpless in regards to their health but it can sometimes be difficult to find the answers you need. You need to seek help from a professional that understands you are the most important member of the health care team. Physiotherapists work with you to solve and manage your injury.

Many health care providers may use hands on techniques like joint mobilizations, manipulations, soft tissue massage or active release to achieve results. Physiotherapists use all of these and they are very effective, but what sets us apart from other providers is our knowledge of therapeutic exercise prescription and its benefits. Specific exercise is a valuable tool that you can use to manage your injury and recovery. As part of the rehabilitation process, specific exercises are prescribed to maintain the improvements and gains we make in your physical mobility and function. If I help you “unlock” a stiff joint how do you keep it loose? Should you need me to keep “fixing” it or would you rather be equipped with the tools to help you manage it independently? As physiotherapists we don’t believe in making you “sign up” for a set number of treatments over several months or years. We believe an important part of your successful recovery is in fostering independence by providing you the appropriate tools to manage your condition.

You can rest assured that your physiotherapist is an exercise expert. We not only have knowledge of normal muscle function but also what happens with an injury and how tissue heals. Therefore your physiotherapist is the best professional to advise you not only on correct exercises for your condition, but exercises that are safe and do no further harm.
The thought of exercise may make you want to run for the hills, but we are talking about simple stretches or strengthening exercises to enhance function that are targeted for you, your age and your condition that can be done at home without fancy equipment or heavy time commitments. I have had patients say to me, “you just fix it”, but you really need to be part of the team and the results will be so much better if you are.

I recently had a patient tell me” I woke up stiff and sore and thought I would need to see you, but I did what you taught me and I was able to relieve the pain and stiffness on my own. The exercises worked!”

That is the goal of physiotherapy – recovery and independence. We partner together with you until you are ready to go it alone. Independence and confidence is what we strive for. Talk to one of our physiotherapists today and find your partner in health.


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